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TEL:  +49 7150 9797 400      or     FREECALL:  00800 3276 7378

FAX: +49 7150 9797 9400     or     FREEFAX:    00800 3276 1737

EMAIL: [email protected]

Our services include:

Technical questions concerning the application of FARO products
Technical hardware and software solutions
Service for FARO hardware products (e.g. recertification according to ISO 17025)

FARO recommends to have any FARO measurement device checked and recertified once a year.

This helps to ensure the optimal functionality and the best possible fulfilment of the specified accuracies. As part of the service at one of our service centres the device is supplied with a new certificate with a validity of one year and will be put through its paces. As a matter of course all available upgrades will be performed according to the state-of-the art.

TEL:                 +49 7150 9797 400      
FREECALL:     00800 3276 7378
email:             [email protected]


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