Case Studies

Five-fold Productivity in Field Surveys, New Possibilities in VR, & Opportunities Overseas – How the FARO Laser Scanner Changed Poporo Plant’s Business

Plant Engineering: Poporo Plant Co., Ltd
“With the introduction of the FARO Focus3D X 130, our team can now complete the field survey for a plant mechanical room – which is a job that used to take us more than a week with two people on the task – in just one day. This effectively translates to less than one-fifth the effort.”

Positioning Robots with the FARO Laser Tracker

Heavy Machinery: Kuka Roboter KUKA robots even starred in the James Bond film, Die Another Day, together with Pierce Brosnan and Halle Berry. Individually produced to customer specifications, KUKA robots must achieve maximum precision. Both their position measurement and their validation play a vital part in this.

Oglethorpe Power Corp. Trims Turbine Upgrade Schedule with the FARO Laser Tracker

Power Generation Equipment: Oglethorpe Measurement of wicket gate bore alignment is typically a very time-consuming process. The commonly used methods typically require a significant amount of setup time at each wicket gate. In this project, engineers would need to check the alignment of the three bores.

Eureka Effect Boosts Efficiency

Automotive: HEGGEMANN HEGGEMANN autosport GmbH relied on FARO from the start. With full order books, the company discovered a more efficient production organisation, thanks to additional portable FARO measuring systems.This has paid off.

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