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FARO 3D User Conference Asia Pacific 2017

Dates: 04 Jul, 2017 - 08 Sep, 2017

  • Date: 04 Jul – 08 Sep, 2017


Connecting 3D Communities

3D User Conference Asia Pacific 2017​​​

At FARO 3D User Conference, 3D documentation professionals and practitioners from various fields across the region gather together to share, learn and network. Participants can expect to benefit from the sharing sessions chaired by industry experts from around the world, and the end-user presentations from across the fields. This conference will be an avenue where all stakeholders related to 3D documentation come together to collaborate and expand the market.

 3D User Conference Asia Pacific 2017 - Tokyo, Japan 3D User Conference Asia Pacific 2017 - Shanghai, China 3D User Conference Asia Pacific 2017 - Mumbai
 4 July 2017 21 July 2017 8 September 2017

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FARO Laser Scanner Focus3D FARO® Focus Laser Scanner
FARO’s latest ultra-portable FocusS 150 and 350 laser scanner enable to capture fast, straightforward and accurate measurements of complex objects and buildings. The intuitive touch-screen of the FocusS models has been increased in size and clarity to deliver an extraordinary user experience. 
3D Laser Scanner - FARO Freestyle3D FARO® Freestyle3D Scanner
The FARO Freestyle3D is a top-quality high-precision handheld scanner. It quickly and reliably documents rooms, structures and objects in 3D and creates high-definition point clouds. 
SCENE 3D laser scanner software is specifically designed to process 3D point clouds collected by FARO® FocusS, FARO Focus3D and Freestyle3DLaser Scanners. SCENE processes and manages scanned data easily and efficiently by using automatic object recognition as well as scan registration and positioning. 

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