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Webinar: Consistent and Fast 3D Measurement Solution to Boost Business Productivity

  • Date: 08 Apr, 2015

Webinar Overview:

Using various real-world case studies, this webinar will illustrate proven workflows that many users can benefit from. In many cases the work time and cost can be reduced significantly when compared to traditional approaches. The webinar will show the total solutions from scanning to processing of the point cloud directly. The presented workflows are fast, precise and easy-to-use, which is important for users who might not be experts in the CAD software.

This talk is aimed at QC managers and engineers, Production Managers and engineers and R&D Managers and Engineers. Join us in this webinar to learn about the ease and simplicity of FARO integrated solution in improving production processes and product quality.

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Webinar Details

Industry Trends

In recent years, there has been increasing need for tighter manufacturing tolerance in the metalworking, machinery and assembly industry. This has made some of the traditional measurement methods obsoleted and the manufacturers have to employ new measurement technology in order to stay relevant and continue to meet their customers' more stringent product requirements.

The quality inspection, measurement, tool alignments and reverse engineering are some of the major tasks in the manufacturing process which are usually labor intensive and time-consuming; yet this is one of the most critical processes which can determine the yield level and end-customers' satisfaction. Some of the pain points in measurement are usually the lack of CAD data of existing parts, inconsistent measurements by different operators, and slow measurement process.

Unlike other measurement solutions, FARO's proven portable 3D measurement solution enables you to deploy it flexibly and start your process immediately on-site at the shop floor. In addition, FARO’s 3D measurement solution is fast and accurate which can help to solve most the daily measurement bottlenecks in the production process.

Learn the best practices from this webinar on our FARO's 3D portable measurement technology; how it can help to drive up business productivity and boost yield and profitability. Some of the application highlights are casting and molding, assembly, and jigs and fixture.

Webinar Topics

Overview of 3D Measurement Solution
What are the Common Applications in the Metalworking, Machinery and Assembly Industry
Benefits of 3D Portable Metrology Solution VS Traditional Equipment
How-to Step by Step Guide from Datum Registration to Data Output
Highlight of 3 Typical Applications in the Metalworking, Machinery and Assembly Industry
Assembly of Plane Seats – Consistent and Accurate Measurement Solution
Jigs and Fixture for Welding – Co-ordinate Inspection System on Weld Points
    Casting Parts – Quality Inspection at Large Scale
Success Stories in the MetalWorking, Machinery and Assemble Industry


 • MetalWorking
 • Machinery
 • Assembly

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