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Webinar: Improve Workflow of Construction and Building Modeling with FARO 3D Scanning Solutions

  • Date: 02 Sep, 2015

Webinar Overview:

Using various real-world case studies, this webinar will illustrate proven workflows that many users can benefit from. In many cases the work time and cost can be reduced significantly when compared to traditional approaches. The webinar will show the total solutions from scanning to final deliverables to be used with most of the professional design software such as AutoCad. The presented workflows are fast, precise and easy-to-use, which is important for users who might not be experts in the CAD software.

This webinar is aimed at construction managers and engineers, Design Managers and engineers and Architect Managers and Engineers. Join us in this webinar to learn about the ease and simplicity of FARO integrated solution in improving construction processes and building quality.

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Webinar Details

Industry Trends

In recent years, 3D laser scanning has been successfully introduced into many fields as it offers an accurate, fast, and reliable technique for Capturing As-Built Reality in the construction industry.

As the construction industry gets more competitive and the average construction project's timeline gets compressed, the design and construction professionals have to adopt new technology to construct building and infrastructure faster and cheaper. Today, the Building and Construction firms have started to recognize the benefits of laser scanning as part of the construction and verification process during a typical project lifecycle. 3D Laser scanning is the perfect solution to capture all the needed data here. The common applications for 3D Laser scanning includes as-built documentation, BIM modeling, creating 2D plan, inspection of facade verticality and floor flatness. These documentation tasks, which are time consuming, laborious and not precise with the traditional method, can be done faster and economically with FARO 3D documentation solution.

This webinar will familiarize you with the latest 3D Scanning technology to capture existing conditions and to create the final deliverables for various critical tasks within the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry. These include 2D documentation with floor plans, sections and elevations, inspection of As-built for verticality and floor flatness and 3D documentation. The presentation will also focus on the creation of 3D BIM Models out of laser scans in Autodesk Revit.

Webinar Topics

Overview of Construction Industry’s Key Challenges
Benefits of 3D Laser Scanning Solution for As-Built Documentation
How 3D Laser Scanner Capture Physical Structures into Point Clouds
How-to Steps by Step Guide from 3D Scanning to 2D Drawing/3D Building Modeling
Highlights of 3 Common Applications in the Construction Industry
    2D As-Built Drawing – Fast and Accurate Documentation Solution
Inspection for Verticality and Floor Flatness – Fast and Simple-to-Use Verification Solution
3D Building Modeling – From Point Clouds to 3D Building Modeling to Final Deliverables for Popular Design Software such as AutoCad Revit
Success Stories in the Construction Industry


   Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC)

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