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Webinar: Boosting Accuracy and Productivity of Measurement Tasks in Inspection and Maintenance Processes with FARO Metrology Solutions

  • Date: 04 Nov, 2015

Proven Workflows for Measuring Turbine Blade, Wind Propeller Hub, and Transmission Pipe in the Energy Producing Industry

Webinar Overview:

This webinar aims to familiarize you with the latest 3D metrology technology which can be used to perform various critical inspection and maintenance tasks within the energy and natural resources industry. These include non-contact inspection of turbine blade, tactile measurement of large wind propeller hub and dimensional inspection of energy transmission pipe.

Join us in this webinar to learn about the ground breaking simplicity of FARO integrated solution in improving processes and product quality in the energy and natural resources industry.

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Webinar Details

Industry Trends

In recent years, the increased stringent tolerant requirements on the manufactured parts for the Energy and Natural Resources industry have led manufacturers to leverage on technology to improve inspection processes and streamline workflows to improve production yield. In addition, the liberalization of the energy market has changed the entire landscape and energy producing companies have to be more efficient and reduce outages downtime to stay competitive.

Today, companies have started to recognize the benefits of portable 3D metrology as part of the component production and repair process as it solves problems that traditional methods faced.

The common applications for 3D portable metrology include tactile and non-contact measurement for inspection and alignment processes. These measurement tasks, which are time consuming, laborious and not precise with the traditional methods, can be done faster and economically with FARO 3D metrology solutions.

Webinar Topics

Energy Production Processes
Overview of FARO Solutions
Benefits of FARO Metrology Solutions over Traditional Instruments
Typical Applications with FARO Metrology Solutions with Streamlined Workflows from Measurement to Deliverables
    Power Generator Turbine Blade Measurement
    Energy Transmission Pipe Measurement
    Wind Propeller Hub Measurement
Case Studies


Energy and Natural Resources

 • Electricity Generation
 • Gas/Stream Generation
 • Heavy Machinery
 • Mechanical Engineering
• Metal Fabrication
• Measurement Services
• Machine Shop

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