FARO® CAD Zone makes diagramming and pre-planning easier for law enforcement officers, firefighters and loss control engineers by providing the right tools so users who need to draw site plans or crash or crime scene diagrams can do so faster, easier and more efficiently than ever before.

FARO CAD Zone drawing programs are all based on a powerful computer-aided drawing (CAD) program platform to deliver the most flexible option in drawing and achieving maximum results in accuracy. If you want your drawings to show real-site details from a crash scene or a building pre-incident plan, use CAD.

While CAD programs are very powerful, most "off-the-shelf" programs are too difficult for non-technical computer users to learn. As a law enforcement officer, fire fighter, or fire protection engineer, we know your time is too sensitive and you need real-world results fast. FARO CAD Zone solves this for you by turning CAD software into a tool that anyone can use, quickly.

Each program is a completely customized user-interface, offering thousands of pre-drawn symbols, special commands, menus, and other tools specific to each type of user. This means you can create neat, consistent drawings with ease, 3-4 times faster than by hand. It’s so easy, you won’t even recognize you’re using a CAD program, but rest assured you will have all the accuracy, flexibility, and compatibility that CAD has to offer.

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