Crime Scene Analysis


By allowing investigators to capture crime scenes in 3D, the FARO® Laser Scanner provides an exact record of the entire scene at the touch of a button and permits the site to be returned to normal use a short time later.

With 3D documentation replacing crime scene sketches, the crime scene reconstruction can be visited multiple times to verify witness testimony or evaluate hypotheses. Forensic scientists can accurately analyze line of sight, blood spatter and bullet trajectories to complement other techniques such as offender’s height estimation from video surveillance.

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  • Sex, Drugs & Rock n’ Roll Kept Alive by ScanArm

    Forensics & Law Enforcement: Staffordshire University
    Through the use of laser digitisation of the skeletal material there will be complimentary information about the minutiae of the details associated with the general skeletal markers as well as the unique forensic pathological markers considered to be a result of the hanging, drawing and quartering he suffered.
  • Accidents under the Microscope

    Forensics & Law Enforcement: Nickl Engineering Consultants
    “Our aim is to substantially improve the analysis of car accident scenes. There is no standard solution for what we have in mind. We greatly appreciate Photon’s precision and we expect that scanning accident scenes will become the method of choice.”
  • Cutting-edge Technology For Forensic Research

    Forensics & Law Enforcement: Forensic Research Institute of the Gendarmerie Nationale France
    Finally, for major events such as air crashes or large-scale traffic accidents, geographical information can be integrated with the models of the object under investigation.

Crime Scene Analysis

Crime Scene Analysis

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