In-Process Inspection


In the past, machine shop inspection has required the removal of parts from a CNC machine to a temperature controlled inspection area for surface inspection or dimensional inspection of the part. This is time-consuming and expensive. Fortunately, incorporating portable CMMs from FARO directly into production lines can streamline this process. 
The portability of FARO’s 3D metrology tools, like the measuring arm, enables efficient in-line, in-process and on-machine inspections. This delivers consistent, accurate measurements directly on or at the machine producing the parts.

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  • SKH Magenti Marelli Cuts Overall Response Time in Half with FARO

    Automotive: SKH Magenti Marelli Exhaust Systems Pvt. Ltd
    Prior to integrating the FaroArm, SKH Magenti Marelli was unable to check for errors and deviations after reassembling, which significantly delayed overall lead time. Now, recalibration and validation procedures can be carried out during the reassembly process with the FaroArm, improving SKH Magenti Marelli’s process capability, since errors are considerably minimized or eliminated.
  • Chong Ngai Achieves Higher Efficiency & Faster Inspection with FARO

    Petroleum: Chong Ngai Engineering Pte Ltd
    “Before any product leaves our facility, it would have gone through several checks, this includes first article inspection, in-process measurement, as well as final outgoing dimensional checks,” said Mr. Francis Fong, Director, Chong Ngai.
  • FARO Provides Crucial Ancillary Support to FAW-Volkswagen

    Automotive: FAW-Volkswagen Automotive Co., Ltd
    Similar to a majority of automotive manufacturers, FAW-VW utilizes an overhead conveyor to move vehicles around the plant. The way that FAW-VW chose to avoid system failure was to specially dedicate space and staff to conduct regular maintenance on the shop floor.

In-process Inspection

In-process Inspection

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