Accuracy is key in almost every aspect of aerospace manufacturing and aircraft assembly and 3D measurement technology is critical to delivering it. FARO’s portable CMMs, including measuring arms, and laser trackers, provide dimensional quality control of large and small aircraft parts - on site and at the point of manufacture.

Whether the task is tooling, jig or fixture alignment, part inspection, surface analysis, 3D modeling or as-built documentation for plant layout, FARO’s precision portable CMMs and 3D laser scanners leave absolutely no room for error.

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  • Mastering Accuracy Control in Aircraft Assembly

    Aerospace: Tianjin TQM Feiyue Aviation Equipment Technology Co., Ltd
    Thinking back on the first time that TQM Feiyue selected FARO, Mr. Yan Zhichao, Project Manager at TQM Feiyue, recalled, “At that time, Airbus was using the FARO Laser Tracker on their shop floor. That prompted us to purchase from FARO, because we wanted to ensure consistency between us and our customer. Naturally, we also considered overall factors such as price point and brand. Based on the relatively high cost-performance evaluation, we decided to invest in FARO.
  • Unitech Composites Produces More Parts with Same Staff by Using FaroArm to Streamline Inspection

    Aerospace: Unitech Composites
    Unitech Composites and Structures designs and manufactures composite structures in commercial and military aerospace markets. Most of these parts have critical dimensional and structural requirements so an exacting 100% inspection process is required.
  • Meiwa Kiko Streamlines Aircraft Component Manufacturing with FARO

    Aerospace: Meiwa Kiko Co., Ltd
    The Boeing 787, also known as the ‘Dreamliner’, is truly a dream aircraft with advanced features that improve a passenger’s air flight experience. The first Boeing 787 in Japan was launched by All Nippon Airways in 2011. This was possible in part due to Meiwa Kiko Co.,Ltd (Meiwa Kiko), which manufactured various components of the aircraft.

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