Within a very short time after a crime, urgent steps must be taken to avoid deterioration of the scene and loss of evidence. The FARO® Laser Scanner can mitigate the risk by quickly scanning a scene to record a detailed 3D point cloud overlaid with color images. This 3D forensic documentation captures the entire scene before the site is compromised. With this digital evidence, forensic scientists can examine the scene at a later date for lines of sight, a bullet trajectory or a blood spatter analysis. 3D scanning turns crime scene sketches into a digital forensic tool.

Accident investigations also benefit from this development in digital forensics – using data from 3D laser scans can create a fully digital accident reconstruction through 3D simulations of the event. With the FARO 3D laser scanner, forensic tools have made the leap from 2D to 3D.

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  • FARO Partners Tongji University in Accident Reconstruction Studies

    Education/Research: Tongji University
    Accident reconstructionist generally agree that four factors are at play when analyzing any given collision: human, vehicle, road and environment. The availability of precise, comprehensive data is fundamental to the accurate analysis of the accident.
  • Sex, Drugs & Rock n’ Roll Kept Alive by ScanArm

    Forensics & Law Enforcement: Staffordshire University
    Through the use of laser digitisation of the skeletal material there will be complimentary information about the minutiae of the details associated with the general skeletal markers as well as the unique forensic pathological markers considered to be a result of the hanging, drawing and quartering he suffered.
  • Accidents under the Microscope

    Forensics & Law Enforcement: Nickl Engineering Consultants
    “Our aim is to substantially improve the analysis of car accident scenes. There is no standard solution for what we have in mind. We greatly appreciate Photon’s precision and we expect that scanning accident scenes will become the method of choice.”

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