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Machining accurate parts quickly is critical to the success of any job shop. In order to improve efficiencies and turnaround times, many have adopted portable CMMs from FARO, such as laser trackers and measuring arms. These are used to streamline inspection processes, dimensional analysis and 3D modeling of parts such as tooling, improving the overall quality of machined parts.

Solutions such as the FARO Laser Tracker and FaroArm® can further improve the operation of machine tools and CNC machines by providing in-process and on-machine inspections which significantly increase production efficiencies, saving significant time and money.

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  • Safe Driving Starts at the Source

    Mold Making: Tianjin Nano Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd
    With the FARO Edge, Nano can now simply install the portable CMM next to the components for measurements. This makes the task of acquiring measurement much easier, and significantly improves work productivity.
  • FARO Laser Tracker Provides High Measurement Accuracy Essential for Assembling Astronomical Telescopes

    Machine Tools: Nishimura Co., Ltd
    90 years has passed since Nishimura manufactured its first domestic telescope in Japan, back in 1926. At the request of various local and international research institutions, the company installs telescopes and observation equipment in locations across the world. It is not unusual for Nishimura’s telescopes to be installed in places such as deserts and highlands, due to the clear air and low humidity conditions that these areas provide.
  • Atma Autotech Carves a Time-efficient Future with FARO

    Metal Working: Atma Autotech Engineers Pvt. Ltd
    In a bid to improve overall productivity and overcome its time management challenges, Atma Autotech sought a more efficient way to carry out their measurement tasks. Although the team briefly considered other measurement devices, Atma Autotech eventually decided on the FaroArm because of the device’s solid reputation.

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