Common Industries of the FARO® Focus Laser Scanner Series

The FARO Focus series maximizes productivity and simplifies workflows for as-built documentation in numerous application fields:



Façades inspection: 3D dimensional inspection of building shells and facade components before final assembly.


Scan-to-BIM: Delivering real world information into BIM models.

Built environment: Precise geometrical recording of existing properties as the basis for conversions or extensions.

Space optimization: By prior creation of 3D models.


Revolutionary price/performance ratio


Confident data quality through on-site compensation

Photorealistic imaging and 3D visualisation of different concepts of building use

Immediate processing of the data in all commonly used CAD programs

Simple variance comparison in the construction process and in the case of final building inspections

SCENE WebShare Cloud for simple and secure online sharing of scan data via the internet

FARO BIM Ready Package for Revit® provides a complete workflow from scan to Revit® models



Structural analysis and maintenance: Rapid and cost effective control of the specified load-bearing capacity of supporting structures as well as wear and tear.

Construction progress monitoring: Seamless capture and monitoring of construction progress for legal and technical documentation.


Free-form components inspection: Precise dimensional check of complex components such as free-form shape elements.

Deformations control: Documentation of deformation processes and monitoring of countermeasures.


Revolutionary price/performance ratio

Confident data quality through on-site compensation

Photorealistic imaging and 3D visualisation of different concepts of building use

Immediate processing of the data in all commonly used CAD programs

Simple variance comparison in the construction process and in the case of final building inspections

SCENE WebShare Cloud for simple and secure online sharing of scan data via the internet

FARO BIM Ready Package for Revit® provides a complete workflow from scan to Revit® models


Whether for restoration or scientific analysis purposes, for securing  protected buildings or for virtual presentations of historical sites, the FARO Laser Scanner Focus devices offer the possibility of complete and detailed 3D documentation of historical structures and excavation sites. Thanks to its integrated colour camera, photo-realistic 3D images can be created instantly.


Reconstruction: Detailed 3D data for reconstruction of lost appearance of components of historical sites or archeological objects.

Creation of 3D models for restoring purposes preserving the original building substance without the necessity of scaffolding usage.

Precise 3D CAD documentation for preservation
and protection of historical/archeological material and inventory.


Simple, fast and complete recording of the current condition of heritage sites or archeological objects

Digital 3D capturing of complex forms of historic buildings at a high level of detail

Enhanced registration of large object data and remote functionality connect multiple data sets accurately 

An ideal affordable device, particularly when there are no up-to-date construction plans

With SCENE and PointSense Heritage FARO provides a complete workflow for documentation of cultural monuments
in CAD

Inspection and reverse engineering


Reverse engineering: Copies of products and components for which there are no construction plans and/or CAD data available

Interior fixtures and fittings: Precise 3D CAD documentation of complex interiors of ships, cars or aircrafts as a basis for planning of conversions

Manufacturing documentation: Complete 3D documentation of the manufacturing status of complex machine components

Quality control: Precise 3D documentation and dimensional inspection of large and complex components such as rotor blades, turbines, ship propellers, etc.


Cost-efficient, quick and accurate 3D capture of as-built geometry of large products

Automated in-process control of production allow for comprehensive 3D inspection and monitoring of parts

Reduced scrap and re-work due to early and comprehensive 3D quality control

Public Safety and Forensics

Built for the field

The fast and accurate FARO Focus Laser Scanner is an ideal tool suited to performing rapid and complete 3D recordings of crime and accident scenes, insurance damage or passive car safety testing. The scanner converts weeks work into hours. All details of relevance in any subsequent reconstruction of the crime or accident are covered. Similarly, in order to develop appropriate safety concepts for events, laser scans deliver the relevant 3D topography information.


Crime scenes investigation & analysis: Complex and timely investigations made easier and faster by the FARO Laser Scanner Focus.

Bullet path reconstruction: Quick and accurate reconstruction of bullet paths made possible by combinig traditional investigative methods with cutting-egde laserscanning technology.

Crash investigation & analysis: Handling, investigating and analyzing road incidents, their cause and impact made fast and reliable using FARO laser scanners.

Passive safety of cars:
Reducing consequences of accidents with laser scanner tested passive safety systems can be vital for passenger survival.

Fire Investigation: Detailed fire scene reconstruction.


Fast and accurate preservation of critical evidence

Limitation of road closure time

Compelling 2D/3D courtroom exhibits

Minimization of exposure time in dangerous enviroments (e.g. fire

Civil Engineering/Surveying


Scanning of large or distant objects: Due to the extra long range of the Focus S350 all kinds of high, long or difficult to access objects can be easily scanned and analyzed.

Project supervision: Whenever there are excavations, bridges, towers, open-pit mines, roads, railways, reservoirs, pipelines to be built, there is a need for close monitoring of the individual project phases to meet the project’s requirements.

Deformation monitoring: Determining if the surveyed structure or object is changing shape or moving. Saves time and rework during construction.

Large volume calculation: When measuring loose material in bulk, e.g. in barges, silos or in warehouses, large volume determination on a regular basis is an important consideration. Laser scanning allows for fast, accurate and reliable dimensional calculations.

Quality control: Precise laser scanning ensures that the final as-built condition fit design intent and minimizes the chance of potential problems.


Time-saving, rapid, simple and complete recording of the current condition of surveying or construction sites

Real-time, digital 3D data capture and analysis of materials, volumes, structures, topography.

Due to extra-long range, enhanced registration of data and rapid capturing of high resolution data increases users’ productivity

Precise positioning due integrated GPS

FARO AEC Packages provide a complete workflow from scan to 2D and 3D deliverables



As-built documentation: 3D laser scanning solutions ensure that ship hulls and components can be digitized when original drawings are missing or inaccurate (as it is often the case with old vessels).

Ballast Water Treatment (BWT) retrofit: Upcoming legislation requires the installation of Ballast Water Treatment systems onboard all ocean-going vessels. 3D laser scanning can overcome challenges such as measuring the limited space in engine rooms, and capturing reliable data for the retrofitting installation process.

Ship repair: Providing a fast and accurate way to inspect ship parts during repair, 3D laser scanning can be


A fast and reliable technology to capture complex as-built situations in engine and pump rooms

Complete 3-dimensional information of the actual conditions

Risk minimization in projects where access is difficult and schedules are tight

Facility Management


Documentation: The Focus accurately records the inventory data that is needed by Facility Managers – be it the structural situation on a production plant or the building services equipment in an office block.

Planning of structural alterations: The scan data provides an accurate three-dimensional model of the actual status of the building. As a result Facilities Managers can run through the usage options for rooms even before planning actually begins.

Replanning of technical modifications: Changes to technical equipment, such as pipes, air ducts and electrical supply lines, can be depicted and checked in advance in the virtual model. This offers a stable basis for replanning.


Complete and precise 3D documentation of the current status of buildings and building sites

It is especially suited to facilities managers, architects, construction engineers, construction experts and surveyors

The optimum basis for the planning and execution of building projects as well as for the management of properties

With SCENE and PointSense solutions FARO provides a
complete workflow from scan to FMCAD deliverables

MEP/Plant Engineering


Capture & Analyze Site Conditions - Capture, analyze and interpret the existing conditions of complex geometries such as industrial facilities or structural sites in a short time frame

Verify Structural Integrity - Accurately survey, estimate and determine the current and future lifespan and integrity of structures such as bridges, industrial facilities, petroleum tanks and towers.

Execute repairs and retrofits -Compare and update the 3D CAD models to existing conditions, repairs and retrofits are executed more effectively while minimizing downtime.

3D Model and Design - Determine tie-in points, centerlines or collisions for industrial maintenance and planning or to extract building and MEP components.


Greatly reduce the heavy costs of deploying personnel to the site to take manual measurements.

Bring the point cloud directly into the design environment to see interferences immediately, and adjust the design accordingly.

Begin construction planning immediately without waiting for site measurements.

Reduce the amount of errors and rework required during construction by clash checking between the 3D models and the point cloud during the design process

Increase safety by minimizing the amount of time exposed to hazardous site conditions such as working in contaminated areas, unsafe height conditions or difficult confined spaces.

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