Common Applications of the FARO® Focus Laser Scanner Series

The FARO Focus series maximizes productivity and simplifies workflows for as-built documentation in numerous application fields:

Architecture and civil engineering


Excavation control: Simple and precise volume and dimension control of excavations

Deformations control: Documentation of deformation processes and monitoring of countermeasures

Facades inspection: 3D dimensional inspection of building shells and facade components before final assembly

Structural analysis and maintenance: Rapid and cost effective control of the specified load-bearing capacity of supporting structures as well as wear and tear

Free-form components inspection: Precise dimensional check of complex components such as free-form shape elements

Built environment: Precise geometrical recording of existing properties as the basis for conversions or extensions

Construction progress monitoring: Seamless capture and monitoring of construction progress for legal and technical documentation


Rapid, simple and complete recording of the current condition of buildings and building sites

Revolutionary price/performance ratio

Process industry and digital factory


Conversions and extensions: Precise 3D documentation of the current state of the property as the planning basis for conversions and extensions

Offsite production: Possibility of precise-fit off-site assembly, thanks to exact 3D CAD data and dimensional control

Asset management: Simplification of facility management, maintenance, training, etc. through comprehensive 3D master data, simulations and training in virtual reality

Improved coordination between different trades and comprehensive documentation and supervision of all work


Extreme time savings and high fidelity for 3D documentation of complex factory and plant installations

Risk minimisation in brownfield projects where access is difficult or expensive and where schedules are tight

Brownfield costs can be reduced by 5-7%, contingencies for rework to less than 2%. Schedules can be compressed by as much as 10%

Efficient control and monitoring of health and safety as well as environmental regulations

Inspection and reverse engineering


Reverse engineering: Copies of products and components for which there are no construction plans and/or CAD data available

Interior fixtures and fittings: Precise 3D CAD documentation of complex interiors of ships, cars or aircrafts as a basis for planning of conversions

Manufacturing documentation: Complete 3D documentation of the manufacturing status of complex machine components

Quality control: Precise 3D documentation and dimensional inspection of large and complex components such as rotor blades, turbines, ship propellers, etc.


Cost-efficient, quick and accurate 3D capture of as-built geometry of large products

Automated in-process control of production allow for comprehensive 3D inspection and monitoring of parts

Reduced scrap and re-work due to early and comprehensive 3D quality control


Whether for restoration or scientific analysis purposes, for securing protected buildings or for virtual presentations of historical sites that must not be accessed by visitors. The FARO Focus3D offers the possibility of complete and detailed documentation of historical structures or excavation sites. Thanks to its integrated colour camera, photo-realistic 3D images can be created instantly.


Authentic, complete and precise 3D copy of reality

Reproducible 3D documentation at your fingertips

Easy conversion of captured scenes to orthophotos and CAD

Forensics and accident scenes

The handy Focus3D is also ideally suited to perform rapid and complete 3D recordings of crime and accident scenes or insurance damage. All details of relevance in any subsequent reconstruction of the crime or accident are covered. Similarly, in order to develop appropriate safety concepts for events, laser scans deliver the relevant 3D topography information.


Permanent and detailed 3D archiving of crime and accident scenes

Simple 3D simulation of the crime or accident

Development of emergency plans and safety measures by means of authentic virtual representations

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