This free of charge software solution allows 3D enthusiasts various options - such as scanning for 3D printing, modeling, prototyping construction, graphics and game design. Commodity items, rooms, figures and real persons can all be scanned using your live moving sensor and the new SCENECT app.

Operates with Microsoft Kinect for Xbox, Microsoft Kinect for Windows and Asus Xtion PRO Live

Is based upon the professional laser scan software SCENE

Provides high quality and uses coloured images as well as depth images of the sensors

Builds up quickly a complete 3D model

Can be recorded fast and easily

Can be saved in different formats

Can be processed in other software programs such as CAD


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Looking for a professional solution for a hand-held 3D Scanner?

FARO Freestyle3D Scanner

Equipment Needed

Microsoft Kinect*

Microsoft Kinect

*May require Kinect Sensor Adapter

ASUS Xtion Pro Live

ASUS Xtion Pro Live