About FARO Support

With over 64 years of FARO experience, the Technical Support team is dedicated to providing you service that is best in class. In the Americas, FARO operates multiple Service Repair Centers for all FARO hardware products. These centers are strategically located to facilitate our customers’ needs. Having state-of-the art equipment at their fingertips, our experienced Technical Repair Team will service your FARO measuring devices according to our production standards and controlled processes. This ensures that we provide the highest level of repair consistency and quality.

FARO recommends having any FARO measurement device checked and recertified per your company's calibration schedule. This helps to ensure the optimal functionality and the best verification of the specified accuracies. When you have your device serviced at one of our service centers, we will supply you with a new certificate. Additionally, all available upgrades will be performed at no charge.

FARO’s experienced Technical Support staff is standing by to answer your equipment- or application-related questions. They will walk you through your requests step-by-step. 

Services Offered

Answer technical questions concerning the application of FARO products

Provide technical hardware and software solutions

Provide service for FARO hardware products

Provide maintenance contracts for FARO hardware that include:

        FREE hotline

        FREE recertification (once per year)

        FREE repairs

        Loaner units available (with certain warranty contracts)

United States and Canada

Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM - 7:00 PM EST
Toll Free: 1-800-736-2771
Fax: 407-562-5294
Email: support@faro.com

 FARO Technologies Inc.
 250 Technology Park
 Lake Mary, FL 32746

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Central and South Americas

Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM - 7:00 PM EST
Email: soporte@faro.com

Mexico : (001) 880-736-2771
Argentina : (0) 800-266-5190
Chile : (800) 392-2604 
Colombia : (01) 800-012-9673
Guayana Francesa : (0800) 904-494
Uruguay : (000) 4019-1108 
Paraguay : (009) 800-441-0193
Ecuador : (1) 800-000-760
Suriname : (855) 640-7970  
Venezuela : (0800) 100-3544
Bolivia : (800) 101-884

FARO Technologies Inc.
250 Technology Park
Lake Mary, FL 32746

For the fastest response time, please enter your support case in the Portal.

Contact FARO Support

Toll Free: (800) 736-2771
Toll Free:
Email: support@faro.com


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