scantaxi Automated Registration

Automated Registration is a SCENE Plugin which simplifys the registration in order to save time and trouble. Thereby the workflow is nearly the same, the time needed to registrate a project can be significantly reduced, especially when more than 50 scans are conducted. Even though the first run of Automated Registration might not be successful, it will reduce subsequent manual work.

Automated Registration supports:




circularflat targets and


planes (rudimentarily)

clustering will be optional considered, however it is not required even in huge projects.
External references will be taken in account.

This APP is best used with projects greater than 100 scans, if targets are used. No correct naming is required.
Scans needs at least three targets for the registration process.

The result of the registration can be improved by use of the scantaxi APP Project Adjustment Helper and JAG3D or rmNetz.

Available licensing models are:

Full license - pay once, use the same major version lifetime

Project license - pay for every project, used with Automated Registration - scantaxi scan coins will be necessary!

Project based demo license – this licens will be provided for one project per company with a maximum of 500 scans in this project.

The project license gives the possibility to test the APPs under real conditions or on small projects.

scantaxi Automated Registration
scantaxi Automated Registration


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scantaxi Automated Registration