for SCENE 5.2 to 5.4 (version
for SCENE 5.5 (version
for SCENE 6.0 and above (version 3.0.0)

Measure points in a SCENE view which will be send directly to a running instance of BricsCAD. They can be used with any BricsCAD command that accepts point input (3D and 2D).

DrawToBricsCAD provides simplest means to evaluate laser scan data in a BricsCAD environment. It is an additional benefit for users of FARO’s VirtuSurv software who are using SCENE for scan registration. DrawToBricsCAD is provided to these users without any additional costs.

Enhancements for SCENE 6.0 (version 3.0)

this version of the App will need SCENE 6.0 and above

the user interface has been streamlined with SCENE 6

Enhancements for SCENE 5.5 (version

this version of the App will need SCENE 5.5 and above

besides the 3D View now also Quick View and Planar View are supported

Point objects will be created for the markers and a DrawToBricsCAD folder under the according scan in the project structure that contains the measurement points. They will be stored with the SCENE project.

The button for “deleting the markers” removes the measurement point folders including all points (markers).