The Rithm Inspector App allows your company to check for compliance of building elements to various building codes and produce construction inspection deliverables. Use official procedures required by project specifications, but with improved speed, efficiency, and accuracy of performing inspections utilizing the 3D point cloud instead of performing the inspections manually in the field.


Check FF/FL (floor flatness and levelness) by simulating the ASTM 1155 method using a virtual profilometer

Check stairs for International Building Code Compliance (IBC)

Check ramp slopes and cross-slopes for compliance to the American Disabilities Association (ADA)

Generate reports similar to those created by inspection companies

Perform “just in time“ inspections by checking for compliance prior to setting of concrete

Export to the DXF format to overlay onto CAD drawings


Automated stair, ADA, and clearance detection

Create snapshots of the 3D scene for documentation purposes (example: cracks and other building deformities) for inclusion into reports

Many more, based on user feedback and industry needs


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