Object Manager Package (Liber-D)

The Liber-D Object Manager Package is a toolbox that extends the object creation and renaming.


Planes: create planes using single points in a scan, or even points that are in several scans. Create vertical planes using 2 points, and horizontal planes using 1 point. The planes can be used for registration and can be exported

Pipes: extends the pipefit feature of Scene. Choose a norm and apply it to all the pipes you selected. The pipe name can include the norm and the diameter. You can also use your own tables (txt file)

Polylines: create points and connect them by a polyline. You can also force the X,Y,Z values. The lines can be exported as a dxf file. An automatic outline extraction is also available.

Circles: create an arc or a circle by selecting 3 or more points, and its center

Sphere: create spheres by selecting some points. The diameter can also be forced

Object renaming: easily rename the objects and their properties

Scan renaming: select the scans and rename them



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System Requirements

Scene 5.3 (LT) and above.
System requirement: identical with Scene 5.3 (LT)

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2-Custom planes
1-Object properties