Automatic Registration Tools

Automatically register your fls scans without using any target or sphere (only  30% of overlap between scans is required!)

The Automatic Registration Tools App offers also a set of productive and efficient tools to improve the speed and quality of the registration process. In particular, the new “bundle adjustment process” minimizes the global registration error among all the scans of a project.

Moreover with the Automatic Registration Tools App you can organize the scans in groups and geo-reference them in a global reference system.


Automatic Registration with no targets and spheres

Save scanning time by not using targets and spheres

Highly improves the productivity of the registration and geo-referencing processes.

Minimizes the global registration error among scans, thanks to the bundle adjustment tool.

Possibility to use the coordinate of the scan position for the geo-referencing.

Pdf report of the alignment process to verify each pair of registered scans and identify exactly if and where misalignment occurs.

Automatic Registration Tools Screen 1
Automatic Registration Tools Screen 2