FARO Zone 2D - Public Safety and Forensics Diagramming

Use FARO Zone 2D to quickly create all your 2D diagrams for law enforcement, the fire service, and insurance. This innovative software application is ideal for creating diagrams for standard crash reports, 2D crime and fire scene diagrams, fire service pre-incident plans, fire-protection site plans, and much more. Start with a perfectly sized satellite map, bring in a top-down view of a point cloud from your laser scanner, import total station data, or enter hand measurements in baseline or triangulation format. You can even merge data from all of these sources and import drawings from other CAD applications.


Easy to learn and easy to use - Intuitive user interface with a work-flow oriented, ribbon menu bar and large, easy-to-read buttons

Create drawings from manual measurements, total station data, satellite maps, or orthographic projections of point clouds.

Extensive drawing and editing features, including Power Tools for drawing roads and intersections, buildings with doors, windows, and stairs

Thousands of predrawn symbols for interior and exterior scenes, crash, crime, and fire investigation, pre-incident planning, symbol search

Direct Distance entry for fast, accurate drawing from your measurements – just position the mouse and type the measurement

Automatically snap objects to endpoints, midpoints, center points, and perpendicular for easy, precision drawing

Open 2D diagrams created with other FARO software applications, including CAD Zone and Blitz