SCENECT has been discontinued. Check out its successor SCENE Capture here

The 3D data from a Microsoft Kinect* or ASUS Xtion Pro Live* can be acquired with SCENECT. As the field of view of these gaming sensors is significantly smaller than of the FARO laser scanner, the main task of SCENECT is the registration of single 3D frames to compose larger scenes. Objects can be scanned from different sides by moving the sensor around the objects and rooms by panning and moving the sensor inside the rooms. 

SCENECT software is a special version of SCENE LT which provides the capability to control a Microsoft Kinect or ASUS Xtion to create 3D point clouds.

New! in version 5.2:

Sensor calibration

Color smoothing

Loop closing

Support for Kinect for Windows

SCENECT is currently in experimental state.

FARO does not provide any support via its support channels!

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