Simplify and speed up your 3D documentation

The FARO Focus3D offers a complete and precise 3D documentation of the current status of buildings and building sites. It is especially suited to architects, construction engineers, facilities managers, construction experts and surveyors. The Focus3D Laser Scanner offers the optimum basis for the planning and execution of building projects as well as for the management of properties.

Advantages of Focus3D Laser Scanner:

Digital documentation of every type of property

Perfect for facility management and property management

Accurate and fast 3D documentation of the actual status of a building

Easy to document incremental changes to existing buildings

Changes to equipment can be easily checked before onsite work commences (clash detection)

FARO Scene Software – the perfect companion to the Focus3D:

SCENE is an extremely user-friendly software that allows individual scans to be automatically combined. The resulting point cloud can be viewed in three dimensions. All the scans are available in colour and as high-contrast intensity images. It is also possible to remove any irrelevant scan information to reduce the data volume. Perform simple measuring, 3D visualisation, meshing and exporting into various point cloud and CAD systems such as Autodesk Revit and AutoCAD.

Scan projects can even be published on the web. The SCENE WebShare Cloud service allows easy access to laser scans with a standard Internet browser. With SCENE WebShare Cloud you can reduce time and travel costs enormously! View some sample WebShare projects at

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