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Lear finds fast and accurate solution with ScanArm HD

As it is critical that its car seats meet safety compliances and demanding customer expectations of comfort and craftsmanship, Lear Corporation leverages breakthrough chemistries to provide comprehensive foam product offerings that meet strict automotive performance specifications.

The most rigorous of quality control standards are also adhered to in Lear car seat foam manufacturing facilities throughout the world. Originally established to supply the nearby Nissan Motor Manufacturing Manufacturing plant with seating systems on a Just-in-Time basis, the success of Lear Corporation’s Sunderland factory recently prompted a further multi-million pound investment.

To enable the busy facility to keep-pace with growing demand, the Corporation has extended its Sunderland by a further 3,500sqm and installed additional state-of-the-art production and testing equipment. The new extension has increased Lear Sunderland’s capacity by over 300,000 car seats per year, taking the plant’s total capacity to more than 600,000 per annum. Jim Handy, Senior Quality Engineer at the Lear Corporation Sunderland plant explained.

“To enable the Sunderland facility to uphold Lear Corporation’s reputation for the quality of its car seat foam products, stringent quality checks are regularly undertaken. As the correct dimension of car seats has an influence on their comfort, safety, durability and aesthetics, a wide range of measurements related to ‘Significant Characteristics’ are made on foam component in our Quality Department. “Given the deformable nature of our foam products we have found the advanced non-contact scanning functions of the FARO Edge ScanArm HD to be ideal for our accurate measuring routines.

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