Other Software – Overview

The FARO products DistToPlan, MonuMap and hylasFM are plugins, that extend AutoCAD® with special functions. FARO VirtuSurv is a stand-alone Windows program

VirtuSurv: Evaluate laser scan data with or without CAD

VirtuSurv is FARO’s standalone software for working with highly visual laser scan data. VirtuSurv's  photo-like 2,5D panoramic view is much clearer and easier to use than the usual representation of scan data.

The program supports the import, export and display of numerous structured scan data formats and has interfaces for Windows based programs as well as various CAD and BIM packages. This flexible platform makes the use of laser scans extremely easy. Take accurate measurements within seconds. 

DistToPlan: Fast and simple generation of as-built drawings on-site.

DistToPlan is an AutoCAD® or AutoCAD® LT application that allows a fast and simple generation of as-built drawings on site with a hand-held laser-meter. It connects on-site the hand-held laser via Bluetooth to a laptop, on which AutoCAD® or AutoCAD® LT is running. The measurement values are transferred directly to the CAD system and are immediately available for the construction of the plan on-site. The user leaves the site with a completed AutoCAD® plan.

MonuMap: Mapping of damage and findings as well as action planning

MonuMap is a mapping program for the fields of architectural survey, preservation of historical monuments and archaeology. Rectified photos, scanned drawings or vector graphics, created using tachymetry or photogrammetry serve as the base. MonuMap is an add-on for AutoCAD® or AutoCAD® LT.

Typical mapping themes are:

  • Inventory Mapping - objects such as bricks, stones or tiles are documented with their material, age or colour
  • Damage - damage visualization and manifestations– usually documented with hatches
  • Action plan - methods intended for maintenance or repair are listed in the plan.

The benefits of MonuMap are:

  • Structured data about the condition of the building
  • Automated visualisation
  • Overview of damage with a corresponding action plan

hylasFM: Structured geometrical and non-geometrical building data

The AutoCAD® add-on hylasFM automatically converts the information contained within existing CAD drawings into high quality FM structures. A robust pattern recognition function analyses and optimizes the CAD plan, as well repairing old plans by closing gaps, deleting double lines etc. The results can be used within regular CAFM software.

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