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SCENE LT is a free viewer that enables the professional user to view existing FARO scans and workspaces. It is able to import CAD models in VRML format in order to compare them with the scan points. SCENE LT now provides the new intuitive SCENE user interface, too.

SCENE WebShare Cloud

SCENE Webshare Cloud

The SCENE WebShare Cloud is a secure cloud-based solution for storing and sharing scanning data with different project partners. Offering hosting service we eliminated the need to install software on your own computer. SCENE WebShare Cloud guarantees the utmost quality and security and can be used with mobile devices.

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This free of charge software solution allows 3D enthusiasts various options - such as scanning for 3D printing, modeling, prototyping construction, graphics and game design. Commodity items, rooms, figures and real persons can all be scanned using your live moving sensor and the new SCENECT app.

More information at:SCENECT

3D App Center

3D App Center for Laser Scanning Apps

Discover our new apps for many laser scanning applications! The stand-alone apps are basic programs which do not require SCENE to work. Here you will find various software apps from FARO as well as 3rd party vendors which are all capable in handling FARO Laser Scanner data. The plug-in apps are small applications which run within SCENE or SCENE LT. Typically each plug-in offers a specific tool set for a certain purpose. For example, registration quality reports provides an easy way to export SCENE´s registration results.

More information at:3D App Center

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