Common Applications

The FARO TracerM Laser Projector provides exceptional benefits to a variety of industries in which accurate templating and guided assembly are needed.  The TracerM is a valuable tool that improves both quality and throughput.  Scrap and rework costs are dramatically reduced.  When physical templates are eliminated, the costs and capital expenditures of building, maintaining, storing and repairing them are eliminated.  Significant time savings and manufacturing flexibility are also achieved.  There is no need to reconfigure tooling.  Manufacturers benefit by being able to move immediately from CAD drawings to accurate and collaborative virtual templates.

FARO Laser Projectors are used extensively throughout manufacturing operations in numerous industries to help streamline production and reduce costs in various applications.

Composite Industry

Hand ply lay-up

Advanced Fiber Placement (AFP) machines

Mandrel tracking and lay-up

Aerospace and Defense

System bracket placement

Rib and stringer placement

Click-bonds and stand offs

Fastener/drill location

Paint templating and masking

Automotive and Heavy Equipment

Weld stud/block location

Precision table applications

Factory floor layout for production lines, fencing and robotic station layout

Construction & Rigging

Templating for pre-fabrication and trusses

Other Industries

Ship, yacht, and boat building, and other marine construction


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