FARO® Laser Tracker Case Studies

The following testimonials show how companies have successfully implemented FARO’s solutions into their business. Learn about the challenges they faced, the solutions they chose, as well as the return on investment and efficiencies they achieved.

  • Merciless environments in the world of dredging, mining and offshore

    Dredging industry: IHC Parts & Services offers a service network for IHC Merwede’s clients worldwide. Its core activity is to keep IHC Merwede's dredging and mining equipment (and additional equipment) operational in a cost-effective manner.
  • FARO Laser Tracker integrated into the ESS Bilbao particle accelerator

    SS Bilbao is a technical scientific facility facing the challenge of constructing the first high-intensity linear accelerator in Spain. This is currently the most important scientific project in the Basque Country, as well as being a prominent European model for particle accelerator technology. The FARO Laser Tracker ION is integrated into the entire accelerator system, has become a fundamental instrument in this ambitious project. It is currently the indispensable solution for providing measurements in the field of metrology and for the alignment of the accelerator with maximum precision in 3D.
  • Tighter tolerances for tunnel longevity

    French mould specialists CBE are helping their customers to produce more accurate concrete segment moulds that reduce construction challenges and enhance life expectancy of tunnel linings.

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