VantageS and VantageE Laser Tracker Features

The FARO VantageS and VantageE Laser Trackers offer the next level in laser tracker productivity. With innovative features, these Laser Trackers make large-scale 3D measurement easy. The VantageS and VantageE enable you to build and inspect products by measuring quickly, simply and precisely. They streamline your processes and give you confidence in your measurement results.

FARO VantageS and VantageE Laser Tracker

RemoteControls Workflow
FARO’s patent-pending RemoteControls feature enhances workflow by allowing a user to control the movements and other functions of the VantageS or VantageE with a mobile phone or tablet, or even gesturing with a target. Live video feed from the targeting cameras is displayed on the mobile device so that a single operator can control the tracker from anywhere in the measurement area. Remote on/off and scheduled warm-up improve workflow by making the VantageS or VantageE  ready for immediate operation when the user begins measuring.

Integrated Absolute Distance Measurement System (iADM)
The patent-pending, 6th generation iADM ensures exceptional accuracy. The VantageS and VantageE are the only laser trackers that measure angle and distance with one laser. Reliability is improved because errors and drift associated with two-beam tracker technology are eliminated. The laser is Class 1 (eye safe).

Super 6DoF (Degrees of Freedom)
FARO’s patented Super 6DoF solution allows the VantageS or VantageE and one or more FARO ScanArms® to work together to create an integrated 3D measurement solution across a single coordinate system. Super 6DoF completely eliminates line-of sight challenges and significantly expands measurement range while maintaining superior accuracy.

Stereo Color Targeting Cameras
The high-resolution, two-camera systems assist in locating a specific target quickly and efficiently. They operate in all lighting conditions from complete darkness to bright sunlight.

Target Acquisition
Quickly and efficiently locate and lock onto a target in two ways:

  • SmartFind: Easily find and lock onto the closest target in the cameras’ field of view. This capability is ideal for setting up measurements on complex tooling or structures.
  • Gestures
  • : If the beam is interrupted, you can use simple gestures to command the tracker to point the laser beam to your target.

Exceptional Portability
With no external master control unit (MCU), the VantageS and VantageE are the most portable FARO Laser Trackers ever built. Their compact size makes them incredibly easy to move between locations in the factory or job sites in a single, easily transportable case.

Hot-Swappable Battery
Continuous operation is available with a hot-swappable battery pack for even more portability, completely eliminating the need for AC power.

Integrated Wi-Fi
For enhanced portability and convenience, measurements can be taken with the improved Wi-Fi, which supports faster connection time, greater range, and allows the VantageS or VantageE to act as a Wi-Fi access point. Wi-Fi and wired Ethernet are both active, enabling connection with a PC and a wireless device simultaneously.

Rugged Design
The VantageS and VantageE can be used in demanding industrial conditions and have been rigorously tested for resistance to shock, vibration, temperature cycle, and humidity. They are rated IP52 for dust and water resistance.

Versatile Mounting
Robust tracking enables the VantageS and VantageE to be mounted on a variety of stands in many configurations including vertically, horizontally, upside down, or even at an angle to fit in tight, congested areas.

Fast Data Acquisition
With a data output rate of 1,000 points per second, the VantageS and VantageE provide feedback for high-speed motion control and high-density scanning, making them ideal for automated applications

Integrated Weather Station
Temperature, air pressure, and humidity can affect measurements. The VantageS and VantageE monitor these variables and compensates to ensure accuracy.

FARO Laser Tracker ION

Dual Distancing Systems: Catch the beam in the air and set the distance instantly with Agile ADM; perform high speed dynamic measurements or high precision in-line measurements with IFM

Versatile Mounting Options: Mounts vertically, horizontally or upside down*, providing versatility in tight or congested areas.
* Inverted mounting requires the use of the integrated threaded ring

Smart Warm-Up: Accelerates the stabilization time in order to minimize the initial temperature changes’ impact on measurements.

Integrated Weather Station: Monitors and compensates for changes in temperature, air pressure and humidity.

SelfComp: Automatically tunes Laser Tracker parameters to ensure high accuracy.

Integrated Precision Level: Establishes level to gravity within the measurement job.

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