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Among the most accurate and sought after portable measurement arms in the industry today, the FaroArm and ScanArm can be used with industry leading measurement software. Below you will find software options to suit your unique needs.

Measuring arm software: Faro Software CAM2 Measure10


FARO’s CAM2 Measure 10 is an inspection software package that allows you to complete 3D measurement jobs quickly and gives you the freedom to measure as required by your application. State-of-the-art functionalities improve every process where measuring or scanning are needed.

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CAM2 SmartInspect SOFTWARE

Engineered for simplicity, FARO’s CAM2 SmartInspect is the first portable metrology software for any FARO Laser Tracker, Arm and Gage user who is looking for non-CAD inspection. The software design is simple and intuitive. Even users without any 3D metrology background can be easily trained.

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