Ensuring the quality of a car’s performance and design, 3D measurement technology solutions from FARO® provide a simple, yet accurate way of taking contact and non-contact measurements for quality control in automobile manufacturing and assembly.

Portable CMMs such as articulating arms can be used for rapid prototyping, analyzing car body panels or inspecting a body-in-white, while large-volume laser trackers can be implemented for alignment, robot calibration or first article inspection tasks. For as-built documentation and plant layout projects, FARO’s 3D laser scanner is the ideal solution.

Whether it’s motorsports, prestige cars or utility vehicles, FARO has a three-dimensional measurement solution for all your automotive inspection and modeling needs.

Chassisworks Realizes a New Realm of Possibilities using a FARO ScanArm

Chassisworks digitizes a variety of items and has experienced many benefits since implementing their new FARO solution. For Chassisworks, the improved processes and capabilities are the greatest value. A better product, a better fit, and in a shorter development time are the real returns.

Applying New Technology and New Thinking for Dramatic Returns

“The ScanArm allows incoming inspection sampling and immediate response (root cause) to part or fit up issues. This changes us from a completely reactive culture to a proactive one with the ability to immediately identify and correct root cause problems.”

Defiance Metal Products Gains Huge Time Savings with the FARO ScanArm

“For Defiance Metal Products, the greatest value has been the time savings,” said Layout Tech Mike Hoshock. “The reduced downtime we experience by not waiting on a program to be written or run is a huge improvement over the traditional CMM. Programs that took us over 15 minutes to run on the CMM, can be done in less than five with the FaroArm.”

Hoosier Tank Ensures Efficiency and Growth with the FARO Gage

The accuracy of the FARO Gage allowed Hoosier to decrease their assembly fixture construction time by eliminating several reworks that needed to verify that tanks met specification. The Gage also ensured a PPAP dimensional layout to 4 decimal points with an R&R of 10%. The Gage also allowed Hoosier to conduct an accurate and time saving sampling plan for monitoring dimensions to accurately ensure on-going dimensional success.


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