At FARO we offer performance oriented salary in line with the market. Thus, there is an annual bonus on top depending on personal performance and FAROs success. The FARO sales teams receive commission on top of their base salary depending on their sales revenue. In addition we grant company cars, blackberrys and a laptop to work remote.


We try to give every employee the training and attention that he or she needs. Therefore our Education Program is very individual and helps to improve the skillset needed.

For further information please check out Learning Development 


Depending on your personal performance and the company’s goals, an annual bonus of max. 10% of annual salary is paid out. 

Length of service 

The many years of work put in by our employees deserves our appreciation. We do this by giving away vouchers for a variety of online portals based on grades. 

Colleague Recruiting Campaign

We also reward the recommendations of FARO employees. If they introduce us to someone who is taken on and passes their probationary period, they receive a bonus of €1,000. 

Power of One/Idea Management 

Good ideas that help save FARO time and money are also honored with a bonus. 


Free drinks including various types of tea, coffee and   water are provided free of charge.


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