Our FARO Values 

Our FARO values, such as integrity, customer centricity, teamwork, innovation and accountability represent the foundation of our culture. They define the beliefs and underlying behaviors which everyone at FARO incorporates into his or her actions. We believe in the necessity of collaboration, are dedicated to the accuracy of our products, find, suggest and implement solutions for our customers. Each of us is unique in the way we think, work and interact with others. We encourage our employees which fosters a culture of innovation. And yet, there has to be a balance, which is why we also “Live with Passion”… 


Focusing on actions and results linked to both FARO’s and the customer’s performance. Assuming individual ownership of the actions and results each of us controls and positively influencing those we don’t. 

Customer Centricity

Constantly striving to exceed our customers’ expectations with services and products driven by the voice of the customer. 


Partnering with customers and co-workers. Treating each with sensitivity, respect, and understanding. Operating effectively across organizational units. 


Serving our customers and co-workers using ethical business practices and relentlessly demonstraing the values we claim as ours. 


Constantly exploring new ideas and connecting them with business opportunities in support of our customers.


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