Incoming Inspection

Incoming Inspection
Incoming Inspection
Incoming Inspection

Identifying defective parts from suppliers upon arrival allows companies to establish and maintain strict quality standards. Implementing a comprehensive incoming inspection process prevents defective parts from making it to assembly, eliminating costly scrap and rework later.

By integrating portable CMMs such as measuring arms from FARO® into the receiving inspection process, operators have a quick and efficient way to determine whether or not these parts meet specification and design requirements.

Tri-State Plastics invests in FARO® technology to take advantage of growing aerospace industry

To address high tolerances required within aerospace parts manufacturing, Tri-State Plastics converted from calipers and gages to FARO® ScanArm. As a result, they shortened their scanning  from hours to minutes and could support more GD&T and CAD-Based Inspection projects. After experiencing the ScanArm benefits, they also bought FARO Quantum ScanArm with 8 axis rotary table and laser line probe. It increased the accuracy, repeatability, speed and portability in their projects.

A solution to toughest inspection challenge – 3D inspection in the metal industry in the MENA-region

There is a solution for your toughest inspection challenge. FARO’s portable 3D measurement systems offer a solution for almost every inspection challenge in the metal industry.

Speed and flexibility gains in electrical motor production

The German industrial manufacturer Siemens is well equipped with a number of FARO arms to speed quality control and increase production flexibility in the Large Drives Business Unit.

Merciless environments in the world of dredging, mining and offshore

Dredging industry: IHC Parts & Services offers a service network for IHC Merwede’s clients worldwide. Its core activity is to keep IHC Merwede’s dredging and mining equipment (and additional equipment) operational in a cost-effective manner.


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