Non-Contact Inspection

Non-Contact Inspection
Non-Contact Inspection
Non-Contact Inspection

Fragile, complex and free-form surfaces can be captured as a dense and detailed 3D point cloud by the FARO® ScanArm and Laser Scanner, allowing users to perform non-contact, 3D inspections with ease.

Non-contact 3D scanning from FARO can digitize features such as flush and gap that are difficult to inspect with contact methods. Laser scanning for 3D documentation can be a faster method of verifying many features and dimensions and it produces a more comprehensive and easier-to-read report. For as-built documentation it is simply the best show in town.

FARO – the “Power to Generate” Accurate Measurements

FARO Edge ScanArm has helped to improve the quality and repeatability of the critical measuring tasks performed by Alstom Power Services and negated the need for expensive jigs and fixtures.

The Edge ScanArm from FARO checks the conformity of Numetor’s complex pieces

As it was not equipped with adequate measurement devices, Numetor was limited in how it could inspect complex components. The acquisition of the Edge ScanArm measuring system from FARO provided the company with new opportunities to develop its business.

A special measurement arm for a special bike

Evotech, based in Villa Agnedo (Trento, Italy), purchased the FARO Edge measurement arm equipped with the Laser Line Probe and CAM2 Measure 10 measurement software to perform reverse engineering activities, beginning with a project dedicated to a very special motorcycle.

FARO ‘Casting’ a Spell on Hadleigh Quality

Adopting Non-contact measurement techniques with FARO Edge ScanArm has considerably speeded-up the 1st article measuring process at Hadleigh Castings and significantly reduced the new products’ time to market.


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