Non-Contact Inspection

Non-Contact Inspection
Non-Contact Inspection
Non-Contact Inspection

Fragile, complex and free-form surfaces can be captured as a dense and detailed 3D point cloud by the FARO® ScanArm and Laser Scanner, allowing users to perform non-contact, 3D inspections with ease.

Non-contact 3D scanning from FARO can digitize features such as flush and gap that are difficult to inspect with contact methods. Laser scanning for 3D documentation can be a faster method of verifying many features and dimensions and it produces a more comprehensive and easier-to-read report. For as-built documentation it is simply the best show in town.

Mürdter: No Component Goes Unchecked

Mürdter, an automotive supplier of many different components, is assured 100% quality by using FARO measuring arms. Not a single faulty component leave the Mürdter factory, as all parts are inspected.

Audi in Motor sport: Precise service on the racetrack.

The FARO ScanArm is used in combination with the FARO Laser Line Probe and FARO software CAM2 Measure 10 to keep Audi on track!

FARO Edge ScanArm HD assists in World Water Speed Record Challenge

The FARO Edge ScaArm helps to gather data relating to all of the Quicksilver boats external surfaces. The rapid capture of precise data will help to expedite the penultimate stage of the project.

Goldens’ Foundry reduces inspection times by over 90% using a FARO Edge

Goldens’ Foundry utilizes a variety of standard core processes to provide the best core for each job. With the variety available to them, the company provides the most cost-effective and practical approach to producing cores that result in a superior casting.


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