Non-Contact Inspection

Non-Contact Inspection
Non-Contact Inspection
Non-Contact Inspection

Fragile, complex and free-form surfaces can be captured as a dense and detailed 3D point cloud by the FARO® ScanArm and Laser Scanner, allowing users to perform non-contact, 3D inspections with ease.

Non-contact 3D scanning from FARO can digitize features such as flush and gap that are difficult to inspect with contact methods. Laser scanning for 3D documentation can be a faster method of verifying many features and dimensions and it produces a more comprehensive and easier-to-read report. For as-built documentation it is simply the best show in town.

Bringing individuality to the road

When it comes to safety, care is the top priority. At Indi- Kar in Wilkau-Haßlau near Zwickau, safety is accurately and almost invisibly incorporated. Armoured steel is very easily concealed within the bodies of production cars and provides optimum protection inconspicuously but effectively.

Lear finds fast and accurate solution with ScanArm HD

As it is critical that its car seats meet safety compliances and demanding customer expectations of comfort and craftsmanship, Lear Corporation leverages breakthrough chemistries to provide comprehensive foam product offerings that meet strict automotive performance specifications.

FARO aids Jet Hydroplane Project with Speed and Accuracy

In the wake of British hero Donald Campbell establishing an Outright World Water Speed Record in his jet hydroplane Bluebird K7 of 202.32 mph / 325.60 km/h, back in 1955, the decades that followed witnessed a succession of international teams achieving ever quicker times and subsequently gaining the coveted accolade of the fastest boat in the world upon water.


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