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Geared up for success

Geared up for success

Geared up for success

Foundry and machine factory SANDERS, one of Holland’s oldest industrial iron companies, has purchased a FARO Edge to stay at the cutting-edge of custom production and exploit the trend to repair parts rather than replace units.

SANDERS Gears Castings Machining prides itself in over 165 years of experience and is the expert in manufacturing non-standard gears, special castings and 5-axis machining of large and complex parts. Entirely in accordance with customer specifications: made to measure goods from a singular element to small series. SANDERS offers an excellent combination of top quality products and reasonable prices, with swift delivery. Founded by a blacksmith in 1846, it has grown to become a leading national and international supplier of quality services in the fields of gears, non-standard drive systems and specialty castings. They offer engineering and production of all types of gears, gear racks and gearboxes. SANDERS also has a foundry and complete machine shop for the production of machined castings like pump casings, impellers and gearboxes. They cast grey and ductile iron and special alloys like wear-resistant Nihard and tempered Ductile Iron suitable for thin-walled casting.

 SANDERS’ heritage continues to be evident in the iron foundry and machine factory, but the company knows that the past means nothing if you don’t keep up with the future. That’s why they recently acquired a Faro Edge to support a broad range of activities across all the company’s departments.

“Our customers have one thing in common. They need repairs or replacements of gears, or other drive system components that are not available off-the-shelf. We are talking about straight, helical or spiral bevel gears and crown gears up to 5 meter and gear racks up to 15 meter” says Director Olivier Stapper. “Since we purchased the Edge we’ve been able to speed things up incredibly and we can handle large parts much better” says Stapper with enthusiasm. The Faro Edge also allows the SANDERS team to accurately measure large castings and casting patterns. When new parts are required for cranes, bridges or ships, on-site assessment and minimum down time are critical. Here the portability of the Edge gives SANDERS a major competitive advantage and is creating new business opportunities. “It allows us to measure complex shapes faster and more precisely, it’s easy to transport and it syncs with our CAM2 Measure software. Our engineering department has been using the FaroArm Quantum since 2009 and is very satisfied with its qualities. This made us purchase the new Faro Edge and again we experience time and cost-savings.” In the foundry and the machining shop, inline quality control is a major productivity booster breaking down the barriers between the traditional phases of manufacturing and quality control. Using the Edge, workers can easily measure complex products and react immediately to correct inaccuracies before final assembly. If any inaccuracies occur,
our personnel can respond directly and make corrections. As a result, we have less rejects and a higher quality product.

“A true innovation compared to the FARO Quantum is the built-in touchscreen and on-board operating system! We never know where we will use the Edge next; this can be everywhere in and around the work place, and at clients’ sites. The FARO Edge ScanArm also enables us to measure parts on location, which significantly saves time.” “The combination of our new FARO Edge and our traditional expertise in design and reverse engineering services is proving to be a great ROI booster for SANDERS and our customers alike,” concludes Director Stapper.


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