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Highest quality requirements in metalworking

Highest quality requirements in metalworking

Highest quality requirements in metalworking

To meet high quality requirements, the quality department of KLB Blech in Form GmbH relies on FARO portable measuring arms. Significant time and cost savings can be made, particularly in the receiving department, in in-process and final inspecation as
well as in support of production and engineering.

The complexity of the metal parts produced, in terms of their geometry and the accuracy required has steadily increased in recent years. Expectations in terms of services have also increased, and the scope of measurement and test documentation plays an ever increasing role. Investment in the appropriate technology is therefore essential. The gap between the measurement effort and meaningful measurement results, which has become bigger in recent years, could not always be guaranteed with the previous measuring methods. The company KLB uses the FARO Fusion measuring arm to measure typical welded parts, punched and curved parts and for testing prototypes, among other things. The large amount of time needed for re-measuring various details of a component made the decision in favour of the 3D measuring system easier. For example, in the case of medium-sized welded parts (dimensions: L: 2133 mm; W: 940 mm; H: 1000 mm), with subsequent mechanical processing, hole patterns on all sides are checked with appropriate positioning tolerances. Thanks to the FARO Fusion the measuring effort has been reduced by up to 30-40 % compared to the conventional methods.

Measuring and analysis mistakes in high volumes of data have almost been eliminated thanks to the possibility of specifying tolerance ranges and subsequently analysing them automatically. Furthermore the measuring system is also used to record complex components for which there are no production documents available. In reverse engineering, for example, the documented measurement data are used as a basis for the design and production of construction plans. This is often particularly useful for old components, as in many cases there are no plans available for these. This means the replacement parts produced can be installed by customers without any problems, that is to say, without the additional effort of lengthy adaptations and checks.
The 3D measurement data also eliminate longlasting and possibly inaccurate manual measurement.

With the help of the CAM2 Measure 10 software from FARO, complete 3D documentation can be created, saving time and money in the quality department. Thanks to the software’s detailed measurement reports, the tolerances of various components can be quickly and clearly recorded.

The FaroArm Fusion also helps to reduce the measurement effort to the absolute minimum. Manfred Brüderle, quality manager at KLB Blech in Form GmbH, is convinced: “Our practical experience shows that we have generated considerable benefit and hence advantages in a variety of internal processes thanks to the use of FARO Fusion.”


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