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Large size? Not a problem!

One of the most prestigious Italian manufacturers of machine tools, the historic Tacchi Giacomo e Figli S.p.A., operates in the province of Milan, in the industrial heart of Lombardy (Italy). Angelo Malosetti, the company’s technical director, explains: “Our business manufactures large machinery, mainly intended for processing components such as crankshafts, turbines, pipes and parts up to 250 tonnes in weight, 5 metres in diameter and 20 metres in length.”


In fact, Tacchi successfully works in various heavy precision engineering sectors: oil, aeronautics, metallurgy, energy, etc. “We are going through a positive phase,” Malosetti continues, “despite the fact that the general scenario is complex and extremely competitive. The market is no longer demanding conventional or standard products, but special machines, which are perfectly aligned with client requirements. Since these are large machines, we need the proper processing and measurement instruments.” And it is precisely from this perspective that it is important to emphasise how Tacchi has found an ideal partner in FARO.

“Our collaboration with FARO is very intense and profitable. Besides high product quality and technical support, it is very important for us to be updated on the latest technological advances. The latest tool “introduced” to Tacchi is the FARO laser tracker ION, a device that can be brought directly to the part to be measured.” The advantages in terms of time and working arrangements are significant: in fact, in the past, measuring machines were mostly stationary and located in the metrology laboratory. It was not actually possible to bring very heavy and large parts to the machine. “But today,” the technical director goes on, “exactly the opposite takes place: with the FARO laser tracker ION, we can measure our large parts quickly and easily right where they are located.”

In detail, the FARO Laser Tracker ION is an extremely precise portable 3D coordinate measuring machine, which makes it possible for users to produce, optimise processes and provide solutions with fast, simple and accurate measurements. Malosetti: “We have been able to experience the high quality of FARO products for some time. The switch to the laser tracker ION provides us with inspection capabilities with a working range of up to 55 metres, and a horizontal envelope of ± 270°. These specifications make it possible for us to fully satisfy all of our needs. For example, with just one position, they make it possible to perfectly align the work tables.” Previously, the Lombard company’s personnel had to work in phases and reposition the traditional measuring device each time, which was anything but simple. When installing long machines, the time saved is significant, amounting to days.

“The laser tracker,” Angelo Malosetti continues, “is used on a rotating basis by five specialised workers in order to measure not only the machines that we manufacture, but also the parts still being processed, for example to check the straightness of deep holes and the flatness of surfaces. Once confidence is gained with the software and usage procedures, the device is simple and intuitive to use due to its great versatility and adaptability for use in narrow and congested areas and the system for offsetting changes in temperature, pressure and humidity.” 

Angelo Malosetti concludes: “We are very satisfied with the results that the FARO laser tracker enables us to achieve. Measuring parts is much simpler, faster and more effective.”



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