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Students benefit from using ‘real-world’ FARO Edge ScanArm HD

Students benefit from using ‘real-world’ FARO Edge ScanArm HD


Furness College’s new £47 million campus includes an impressive, £4 million Advanced Manufacturing Technology Centre (AMTC), the first resource of its kind in Cumbria provides fist-class industry specific training resources  and facilities. The AMTC has classroom space for up to 450 higher education students and 1,150  apprentices  on  science,  technology  and engineering apprenticeships  and  HNC  and degree programmes, in engineering manufacturing and electrical and electronic engineering.

The aim of the AMTC is to help  local  people to gain the qualifications they need to access the new jobs being created in the area, in sectors such as advanced manufacturing, nuclear and biopharmaceuticals, and to providing technology led businesses with a supply of skilled staff. The new facility also meet the needs and priorities of Cumbria’s Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) in  the  retention  of the local workforce through retraining in the Advanced Manufacturing sector.

Newly installed equipment ranges from a rapid prototyping machine and the latest five- axis CAD/CAM machines, to a  suite  of  new  3D printers and a virtual welding machine. Rather than furnishing the AMTC with machine tools and other related manufacturing and measuring aids, that are aimed at the world of academia and training, the college pursues   a progressive policy of procuring the kind of up-to-date equipment that is used throughout industry. For instance, given the growing use of tactile measuring arms and non-contact laser scanners throughout the engineering industry, and as several major client companies use  each of these systems, the college recently purchased a FARO Edge ScanArm HD with CAM2 Measure10 software.

The FARO Edge ScanArm HD combines the advantages of a measuring arm with the advanced attributes of a hand held laser scanner. Amongst other tasks, the college’s FARO system is now used by students to inspect and reverse engineer complex parts  and surfaces into 3D models.

Gordon Higgins, Curriculum Leader explained.  “The  AMTC  is  helping  to   meet the growing local demands for highly-skilled workers by enabling students to develop skills on real-life projects. As we work  with  more  than  700  employers  across  a  broad  range  of businesses, in order to meet their diverse needs it is important that we provide students with access to the latest high-tech equipment and machinery. An example of our students’ exposure to, and training on, the kind of cutting- edge equipment that they will encounter in the ‘real-world’ is our recently installed FARO Edge ScanArm HD with CAM2 Measure10 software.

“In addition to witnessing a very impressive FARO demonstration, it helped our purchasing decision that Industries such as shipbuilding, metal fabrication and tool and die manufacturing use the FARO Edge ScanArm HD for inspection and quality control routines. Also, several  of  the major employers that we work closely with, including BAE Systems, use FARO systems.

“Now in regular use, the logical nature of FARO’s CAM2 Measure10 software and the simplicity of our FARO Edge ScanArm HD, enables our students to quickly master the system’s operation and to fully understand the results that they achieve.

“As the Edge ScanArm HD is used throughout a wide range of industries for jobs such as product development, inspection,quality control, rapid prototyping, reverse engineering and the 3D modelling of free-from surfaces, our new FARO equipment gives our students a broad overview of many applications.

“Instead of learning tactile measuring and scanning techniques with the help of simplistic, training related equipment,  the  use of ‘real-world ’FARO technology quickly builds students’ confidence and enhances their job prospects.” The FARO Edge ScanArm HD can be described as the complete measurement solution, the advanced system uses laser and hard probes seamlessly to inspect freeform surfaces, significantly increasing the efficiency of inspection processes. The FARO Edge ScanArm HD delivers rapid point cloud collection with extreme resolution and high accuracy without the need for special coatings or target placement – all in a compact and easy- to-use system. The creation of an extra wide scan stripe and the benefit of a fast frame rate boost productivity by increasing coverage and reducing scanning time. Intricate components can be captured in fine detail as a result of the 2,000 actual points per scanline and the new blue laser featuring noise reduction technology. Users can dramatically reduce training time with the new crosshair feature and the existing LED Rangefinder functionality, which provides real-time scanning feedback.

Unlike less capable systems, the Edge ScanArm HD is able to seamlessly scan across diverse surface materials regardless of contrast, reflectivity or part complexity without the use of special coatings. This is due to of the improved its HDR (High Dynamic Range) Mode and the use of advanced software algorithms.

A new crosshair feature and existing LED Rangefinder functionality dramatically reduces required training time and provides real-time scanning feedback, whilst the small size and friendly user-interface result in a versatile and intuitive tool.

FARO CAM2 Measure 10 is an all-in-one metrology  software  for  users  that  are  looking  for a single, complete solution for all tactile measurement and non-contact 3D scanning applications. The software is ideal for CAD and non-CAD inspection and Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T).

CAM2 Measure 10 features an intuitive user interface with image-guided measurement, automatic association to nominal features and QuickTools. The software includes a reliable CAD import tool which increases the ability to load a large amount of CAD data.

The latest version, CAM2 Measure 10  leads the market with the ability to connect multiple 3D measurements devices, within the same coordinate system, and simultaneously scan into a single seat  of software on one computer. This capability allows users to seamlessly scan large objects with rapid speed and precise accuracy and complete 3D scanning jobs faster than ever before.

Steve McAloone, Director of Curriculum, Technical and Adult Learning at the college, concluded. The procurement of our advanced FARO ScanArm HD typifies our policy of providing our students with the kind of advanced equipment they will encounter within industry.  As  many  of  the companies we work closely with currently use FARO equipment, and given FARO’s excellent reputation, the purchases of a FARO ScanArm was an easy choice to make.”



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