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The certainty of “flying high”

The certainty of “flying high”

The certainty of “flying high”

MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Mecat 5 has invested in a new FARO Gage measuring arm to make precise measurements of complex parts  and to “control and inspect” aeronautic parts with tremendous flexibility before delivery to their clients.

Mecat 5 is a small but active company based in the heart of Piedmont, which offers cutting-edge quality and technological contents in the special machine production sector, as well as mechanical processing for third parties. Isidoro Mirabella, the owner of the company, specifies: “We currently work mainly for large industrial groups, for example the Saet Group, the Tenova Group, Emco Mecof and Meccanica Nova, which, in turn, export their machines worldwide.” To work with such large and prestigious companies, it is necessary to produce high-tech products, observing the strictest precision parameters and respecting very narrow clearances.

Until just a few months ago, the Mecat 5 staff used an old-generation measuring tool with limits in terms of size, accuracy and data analysis. “To overcome these issues”, continues Mirabella, “and to be more competitive in one of the sectors that is potentially most interesting for us, and by that I mean aeronautics, we decided to invest in a modern instrument with advanced, start-of-the-art technology.”

In fact, Mecat 5 recently produced special equipment for REV Aviation S.p.A. – based in Chivasso, Torino – that Alenia uses to create nacelles for new Boeing 777 and 767 aeroplanes. “In addition to the production of parts, REV Aviation requires the respective dimension testing and inspection. Our need to use an adequate device derives from our client’s specific request.”

The instrument in question is a FARO Gage measuring arm, a portable coordinated measurement machine (CMM) with a work volume of 1.2 m, acquired by Mecat 5 at the start of 2012. Mirabella explains: “The FARO Gage is a portable 3D device with next-generation technology that can be brought to the worksite and can replace all other traditional manual measuring instruments thanks to the rich ‘library of instruments’ provided by the specific control software and report processing.”
Mirabella illustrates the results already obtained and the next goals for the use of the FARO device: “We can take advantage of the measuring arm’s full potential with the second series of aeronautical details to inspect. In any case, the FARO Gage has already shown that it can be particularly effective, with much better services than traditional instruments.”

The instruments allow measurements to be taken with a repeatability error of 0.018 mm in reference to the maximum width of the probe. Its wide range of probes and temperature and overload sensors also allow thermal changes to be “felt” and reaction to the improper use of the instrument thanks to its excellent precision.
Two of the most important advantages are flexibility and transportability. Isidoro Mirabella confirms and concludes: “The Gage allows us to easily perform direct measurements ‘on the part’ before taking it off the machine tool, reducing impact and defining ‘safe and repeatable’ processes from the point of view of size and precision.”


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