FARO RevEng: Meet the Most Powerful Editing Tools

Dates: 12 Sep, 2019 - 12 Sep, 2019

Interested in FARO’s most powerful editing tools? Then catch our live demo to learn more about our best in-class editing tools. 

What will I learn from this captivating webinar?

  • You will be able to understand how to efficiently use Point Cloud, as well as Mesh Generation and Mesh Editing. 
  • Discover the simple steps of product design using FARO RevEng software.
  • Understand the affordability and efficiency of the 3D Digital Data Capture and Design through the use of high quality FARO products.


Presenter: Marco Torsello

Marco Torsello has been working in the 3D digital world for several years and is currently working as Product Manager in FARO. He has a strong passion for the digital revolution and a clear vision of the market trends and tools in the scan-to-CAD workflow. Marco comes from the recently acquired Open Technologies group in Italy and has significant knowledge of data capture and processing into the 3D world.

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