FARO Laser Scanning in Construction

Dates: 25 Sep, 2019 - 25 Sep, 2019
Location: FARO UK Great Central Way, Rugby CV21 3XH, UK

FARO is partnering with the Chartered Institute of Building to invite you to a learning session about Laser Scanning in Construction which will take place at our Rugby office.

Learn how laser scan data can be used for verification of site work against design models and how to combine it VR technology. Our Construction specialist, Kris Atkinson, will take you through a construction project and explain in detail how this technique can form the basis of multiple applications such as on-site design verification, clash detection, tolerance analysis along with the methods which can be used to record, communicate and review important site information as the project progresses.

Some of the other topics we will cover throughout the morning will be:
•What to expect from a laser scan and how to use the data
•How to model using large data sets
•Learn how lasers can be used for verification of site work against design models
•Learn how laser scanning combined with VR technology can help digitise the workspace




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