FARO ScanPlan Webinar: Capture & Visualize 2D Floor Plans

Dates: 20 Jun, 2019 - 20 Jun, 2019
Location: Online

In this FARO webinar, technical specialist Trevor Clayton will be highlighting efficient 3D scan project planning. Learn how the new Scan Assist feature automatically calculates the optimal 3D laser scanner positions based upon the captured 2D floor plan, providing you with useful quotation data such as the total number of scans required and/or estimated scan time.

Capture & Visualize 2D Floor Plans as Quick as You Walk

When it comes to working quickly and accurately, the FARO ScanPlan handheld mapper is the perfect tool to easily capture 2D floor plans, link additional information to the plan (annotations on critical details, 360° panoramic images, etc.) and make them immediately available to all project partners.

Attend this Webinar and Learn how to:

  • Capture and visualize 2D floor plans in real-time on a smartphone
  • Add additional information to the plan (photographs, annotations, etc.)
  • Experience the captured space by adding 360° panoramic images
  • Export all captured data as DXF, PDF and PNG files
  • Share captured information, using SCENE 2go and SCENE WebShare Cloud
  • Find out the best positions to place a 3D laser scanner (Scan Assist)
  • Perform a pre-placement of 3D scans already on site (Scan Localizer)
  • And much more!



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