FARO® Announces “Digital Signature”, New Security Feature for Evidence

Automatic Digital Hashing of Scan Data for Evidence Collection, Preservation, and Chain of Custody


Rugby, UK 6th November, 2018 – FARO® (NASDAQ: FARO), the world’s most trusted source for 3D measurement and imaging solutions for public safety forensics, announces the release of Digital Signature, the automatic digital hashing of scan data on FARO’s line of Focus Laser Scanners (


FARO’s Digital Signature provides encrypted security to all raw scans by hashing data at the time of capture. With this new automatic digital hashing feature, FARO customers can show that their raw scan data has not been altered from the time the scans were captured. This introduction represents the first of its kind to secure the integrity of 3D data capture at its source. “We know it is important for customers to be able to stand behind their data without the risk of questioning,” says Jeff Ruiz, VP of Public Safety – Forensics at FARO. “This new Digital Signature feature separates FARO as an innovator in the 3D scene and evidence capture,” Ruiz states.


Always-on, Encrypted Security at the Time of Capture

Whenever a Focus Laser Scanner captures a scan, the data is now digitally “signed.”  An industry-standard algorithm is used to map each raw scan to a single number, called a hash value. The hash value can be checked at any time to make sure that the raw scan file has not been tampered with. Due to the fully automatic nature of the digital signature, concerns of users turning off are eliminated. Also, customers can be confident in their chain of custody of the scan data by verifying the data has not been altered since it was captured. 


Instant Verification of the Authenticity of Data

 A stand-alone, free, FARO Scan Verification Tool is used to compare the original scan data captured at the scene with the data in question. This tool ensures the scan files have not been altered in any way and data is unchanged since first captured. 


Authentic and Admissible 

Recent rules of evidence have been passed in some states (Arizona) and countries (India) that recommend or even require the use of hash values to authenticate the data. With FARO’s new Digital Signature feature, hash values are generated automatically to authenticate evidence in a court of law. The Scan Verification Tool can be used in court or similar scenarios where authenticity may be challenged to verify that the digital signatures values match instantly.


For more information about FARO Focus Laser Scanners and the new Digital Signature Feature to secure your scan data contacts us online: or call Toll Free: +1 (800) 736-0234.


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