FARO® Introduces VR-Enabled FARO ZONE 3D 2018

New Virtual Reality Capabilities for Forensics and Security Planning

Rugby, February 28th, 2018 – FARO® (NASDAQ:FARO), the world’s most trusted source for 3D measurement and imaging solutions for factory metrology and public safety forensics, announces the availability of the next generation of the FARO Zone 3D software platform (https://www.faro.com/products/public-safety-forensics/faro-zone-3d),  FARO Zone 3D 2018.  The FARO Zone 3D platform is specifically designed to enable investigators and security professionals to enhance the quality of site and evidence capture, documentation, reconstruction, and analysis, for crime, crash, fire and security applications.

FARO Zone 3D 2018 is the first VR-enabled software solution for law enforcement and forensics professionals that provides a comprehensive platform for documenting, analyzing, and reconstructing scenes that includes powerful forensic analysis, 3D diagramming and animation tools.


Additionally, with integrated virtual reality, FARO Zone 3D 2018 enables a completely immersive first-person environment. Users can now revisit and walk through scenes, analyze the events leading up to the scene and create full animated reconstructions of the scene just as if they were there when it happened. 


By use of FARO Zone 3D 2018’s advanced Virtual Reality Analysis capabilities, law enforcement and forensics professionals are able to build a repository of training scenarios by turning every scene into a real-world training environment.

Stunning diagrams and animations with new smoke, fire, and explosion animations, shadows, moving wheels, and trailer articulation with remarkable visual impacts can be generated. Also, dynamic videos with Total View, a unique presentation tool for fly-throughs and walk-throughs of scenes, that are ideal for courtroom presentations, classroom training, and security debriefings, can be created.


Advanced Smart Tools dramatically increase productivity with the enhanced Blood Spatter Analysis Smart Tool that detects edges of blood droplets and automatically creates trajectory lines through FARO Zone 3D’s artificial intelligence engine. In addition, by the use of the enhanced Bullet Trajectory Smart Tool, courtroom-ready reports can be automatically generated. These reports, now feature elliptical trajectory cones and the ability to extend trajectory lines beyond the plane of impact, as well as detail each trajectory and make bullet trajectory analysis easier than ever.

Extensive Training Support is provided, enabling users to optimize the beneficial use and return on investment of FARO Zone 3D. Unlimited access to live instructor-led online training, as well as self-paced training modules, through the FARO Academy learning management system, is available.


FARO Zone 3D offers the ability to easily share 2D, 3D, and 3D point cloud scenes and videos in the courtroom, across the street, or around the world, with the new free, stand-alone, FARO Zone Viewer application.


“FARO Zone 3D represents another step forward in our focus to create complete solutions for investigators in the crime, crash, fire, and security markets,” stated Jeff Ruiz, Vice President Public Safety Forensics. “Integrated virtual reality makes investigators’ analysis more powerful, more persuasive and more real than ever.”


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