Reduce Scan-to-Project Delivery Time By Up To 50%

The SCENE 2019.0 Software and FARO® Focus Laser Scanner Firmware solution dramatically accelerates the on-site and in-office data capturing and processing workflow for AEC professionals.


Rugby, UK, 28th January 2019- FARO® (NASDAQ: FARO) the world’s most trusted source for 3D measurement and imaging solutions for Construction BIM introduces SCENE 2019 Software and a Focus Laser Scanner Firmware update that together provide the most accelerated 3D capture workflow for AEC professionals.

Significantly reducing the processing time during the capturing process and expediting the project delivery marks the latest milestone in enhancing the FARO on-site registration workflow. Users also benefit from less rework on-site by allowing them to select and recapture individual images with unwanted objects, such as random people and moving cars. Additionally, SCENE 2019.0 features a new filter to efficiently detect and remove noise from the dataset created by traffic, which is often the case on construction sites. As a result, time and effort spent on manual data clean-up is significantly reduced.

Key New Features and Functionality

  • Improved System Speed Performance
  • Moving Objects Filter
  • Retake Photo
  • Improved Meshing
  • Improved Overview Maps

Improved System Speed Performance

 Performance of FARO Laser Scanner hardware is optimized as:

  • Scanning and color capture speeds are reduced by up to 50%
  • Scan processing time is reduced by 35% to 65%.

Moving Objects Filter

The advance Moving Objects Filter feature in SCENE 2019.0 enables unwanted people, vehicles or machinery captured in the scene during the scanning process to be automatically detected and removed. A second scan is no longer needed resulting in valuable time saved in the field.


Movement Filter – Before                                                    Movement Filter – After

Retake Photo

Users also benefit from less rework on-site through the Retake Photo functionality, allowing them to select and recapture individual images with unwanted objects, such as random people and moving cars. They can now easily exchange images with unwanted objects directly on-site on the scanner UI. Images, which need to be replaced, can simply be selected and will be recaptured. There is no need for a completely new scan.

Improved Overview Maps

An Overview Map on the entire scan project can be automatically created by the touch of a button during the on-site registration process. SCENE 2019.0 now enhances the usability of Overview Maps by showing the covering of each scan in customizable colors. Additionally, Overview Maps can now be exported to SCENE WebShare Cloud as map layers.

Improved Meshing

SCENE 2019.0 now enables textured meshes which can be exported as .obj and then importing reality capture data into other applications, which may not be compatible with point cloud data. Usability is improved through handling tools like manipulators to translate and rotate meshes.

“These latest improvements in our as-built capturing solution including the FARO Focus Laser Scanner with SCENE Software significantly accelerate the on-site 3D data capturing process to increase the efficiency of AEC customers as part of our Traceable Construction TM vision”, states Andreas Gerster, Vice President Global Construction BIM.

The latest SCENE installation files and firmware update information can be found here 

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