– Real-time inspection, assembly & alignment for manufacturing professionals
– Configurable to support both manual & automated workflows


BuildIT Metrology Features


  • CAD Import/Export
    Compatible with industry-standard CAD formats. BuildIT directly reads 3D CAD files from native (CATIA®V4 V5 V6, NX, Parasolid, CREO (Pro/E), Inventor, SolidWorks, AutoCAD) or neutral formats (IGES, STEP, SAT, JT), as well as GD&T, FTA and NX-PMI assembly level data for model-based inspection and assembly. In addition, BuildIT imports measured point data from external sources for maximum compatibility.
  • GD&T Evaluations
    Powerful Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T) analysis capabilities for full model-based workflows.

    • Easily create and apply GD&T tolerances.
    • Import, modify, define and evaluate both simple and complex GD&T information.
    • Color-coded tolerance call-outs indicate pass-fail conditions on the display.
    • Use predefined measurement plans or measure closest feature to the probe.
  • Multi-Device Capability
    Hardware-agnostic, universal interface is compatible with all major portable Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMMS), from FARO and other manufacturers.

    • Compatible with portable measurement arms (probing and scanning), laser trackers (including 6DoF), optical 3D imagers, and total stations.
    • Mix and match brands and types of equipment, even on the same measurement project and same instance of BuildIT Metrology.
    • A common interface enables operation teams to reduce investment and training, thus offering greater flexibility for working with multiple devices.
    • Combine the use of FARO Laser Trackers with FARO ScanArms in a single, Super 6DoF (Degrees of Freedom) process for performing detailed inspections on large objects.
    • Interface with external robotic devices via I/O (input/output).
  • AutomateIT
    Highly configurable and flexible, BuildIT Metrology has the user’s unique processes covered.

    • Advanced automation capabilities through a user-friendly interface for creating repeatable, guided, automated workflows.
    • No coding is required; automated inspection routines can easily be created by recording workflows as they are being performed.
    • The streamlining of workflows allows repetitive processes to be reproduced flawlessly. This reduces operator training time, minimizes errors and variations from operator to operator, and increases workflow efficiency.
  • Real-Time Feedback
    Color-coded tolerancing (color-deviation maps), numerical feedback, and graphical feedback are provided in real-time during the inspection and alignment processes. BuildIT allows users to position parts with high-precision, using metrology-guided assembly and alignment applications.
  • Customized Reports
    Save time and effort by creating automated, custom reports from templates.

    • Dynamic reporting automatically populates reports.
    • Customize reports to include only the relevant information.
    • Advanced and automated reporting capabilities combine measurement data to produce detailed graphical and textual reports that are used to quickly identify manufacturing and production trends.
    • Manual reporting is also supported


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