FARO PhoToPlan

The add-on FARO PhoToPlan enhances AutoCAD® and AutoCAD® LT with real photogrammetric functions.

FARO PhoToPlan

The FARO PhoToPlan Software Family

The PhoToPlan family of AutoCAD® based applications allow for the evaluation of photos and plans directly within AutoCAD®. PhoToPlan basic, PhoToPlan, PhoToPlan Pro and PhoToPlan Ultimate are built on top of each other, the range of functions is increasing. 

PhoToPlan basic and PhoToPlan: Photogrammetry inside AutoCAD®

PhoToPlan is an AutoCAD® or AutoCAD® LT add-on for true-to-scale digital image rectification of plane objects.

The result is a versatile image plan, which allows for easy measurement of areas and distances. The image plan connects photographic documentation of existing conditions with precise geometrical information. Rectified images can be used to draw plans of façades or acquire geometrical data of ceilings and wall frescos. Using traditional CAD commands and/or PhoToPlan tools, accurate dimensions are instantly taken from the photo and digitizing is a snap.

PhoToPlan Pro: Multiple Image Evaluation

PhoToPlan Pro adds classical photogrammetric multi image evaluation to AutoCAD®. By clicking corresponding points on at least two oriented photos of the same object, PhoToPlan Pro calculates the 3D coordinates of this point and places it into the CAD drawing. This makes it very easy to draw 3D wireframe models in AutoCAD®.

PhoToPlan Ultimate: Unwinding photos of cylindrical surfaces to a plane and ortho photos computation

PhoToPlan Ultimate unwinds photos of cylindrical surfaces to a plane. On these true to scale projections CAD plans can be drawn and areas or distances can be measured. Another additional function is the computing of ortho photos.


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